Welcome at YoursReality

Yoursreality is a custom mobile app and it is developed by Sentira Software.

We aim to rewire business operations with artificial intelligence, augmented- virtual reality and cloud computing. Our platform demonstrates client products and services to customer with better experience. Sentira Software stands out through its unique team of strongly motivated and highly technical in augmented-virtual reality platform with vast experience of consulting & engineering.

We deliver competitive results for our clients across the globe with our offices in Netherlands, Germany, Turkey and India.

Sentira Software realized that customers of our client need to visit the stores to visualize the product, but still were unable to finalize the product because they cannot visualize how the product will look like in a real-world or environment. This leads to low sale and our client lost 70% of customers.

Therefore, Sentira Software comes up with a solution at the end of 2017, which allows consumers to view the products in their home prior to purchase anything. Our platform increases customer retention and loyalty, helping to provide sales support.

Watch the video below to know more about Yoursreality